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Green Securitisation


The Green Bond Market is growing fast and is pushing the development of green or sustainable securitizations.

Green securitization is where the 

underlying cash-flows relate to sustainable assets

use of proceed are earmarked to invest in low-carbon assets (mortgages for green buildings, loans for electric vehicles, loans for energy efficiency improvements,..)

What we do

Luxinvest provides the legal framework to facilitate the issuance of a green securitization 

Assisting an issuer with creating its own Green Bond Framework 

Applying for a Second Party Opinion / green certification for the securities

Preparation and submission of listing application and supporting documents

Admission to the relevant Green Stock Exchange

Support with ongoing obligations such as post issuance reporting or publication/notices

Project timeline: Listing on a Green Exchange

Six to ten weeks starting from mandate signature if issuer has no Green Bond framework in place and not obtained a second party opinion/green certification

We are proud to be the first to offer our clients support with obtaining a Green Certification as well as a Green Label. 

Our service includes

Establishing a clear and robust framework of your climate-friendly investments


Pre-Issuance Verification (before issuing the bond):

  • Preparation of document required 

  • Liaising with approved Verifier until second party opinion report is obtained 

  • Submission to CBI certification team

Post-Issuance Verification (within 12 months after issuing the bond):

  • Update any documents to reflect any changes occurred 

  • Liaising with Verifier as to post-issuance Report 

  • Liaising with CBI


LuxFLAG (Luxembourg Green labelling Agency) Green Bond Label:

  • Preparation of Application documents for LuxFLAG Green Bond label

  • Support during the process of obtaining LuxFLAG Green Bond label

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