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The Luxembourg financial center is today a prime venue for securitization in Europe, as it already hosts 25% of all European securitization transactions and it is the domicile of choice for 1800+ Securitization Vehicles (SVs). 

Luxembourg is a leading European center for Asset Based Securities (ABS) 

3,000+ ABS listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LSE) as of June 2018 

650+ different issuers of ABS currently listed 

37 Jurisdictions from which ABS issuers originate 

Stability of country:  AAA rating

Benefits of a Luxembourg listing 

“Listed in Luxembourg”, an internationally recognized quality label 

Enhanced visibility among international investors 

Transparency of financial information and corporate governance 

Cost efficient & predictable listing process 

Direct or indirect prospectus submission 

Choice of two leading markets, i.e. “Bourse de Luxembourg” & “Euro MTF” 

Listing automatically implies admission to trading on the Euronext Optiqplatform 


years of experience


Listed securities


MNT programs


sovereign and quasi sovereign issuers


Launched in 2016, the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) is the world’s leading platform exclusively dedicated to sustainable finance.

Asset managers and issuers benefit from

Higher visibility for their additional disclosure efforts

An enhanced sustainable profile

Free uploads of sustainability documentation

Promotion of their sustainable finance strategy


Investors benefit from

Easy access to labeled sustainable financial instruments

Free and unrestricted access to sustainable-related information

Improved comparability of sustainable financial instruments

High level of transparency

$ 100 billion

issued in total

180+ securities


in 17 currencies

110% growth

since 2016


market share

of green bonds listed worldwide

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